Add randomly generated monster contracts, bounties, ambushes and hunts to the game. Dynamically change the vanilla spawns for unique and varied playthroughs. Simulate an ecosystem and a food chain. Add dynamic events to give more weight to your actions
topics: witcher-3
  • Randomly generated monster contracts, monster hunts, and monster ambushes
  • Custom monster trophies to provide Geralt coins for his hunts
  • Ecosystem simulation with a unique food chain
  • Events that react to your actions, fight noise attracts creatures, blood and corpses attract necrophages
  • New unique spawn points all over the world and for any kind of creature
  • Perfect performances, no FPS drop on an encounter
  • Complete mod menu to change anything you want


There are three guides available to you:


If you have questions about the mod, what it offers and how to tweak the settings, the Random Encounters Reworked Bible was made for that