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published: 1638915745

⚠ If you are updating from a previous version, before going in game it is recommended you go into the menus and check that everything has its default value. The default presets will do it for you, otherwise refer to the links in the patch-note below.


  • Ecosystems now affect the delays: learn more here
  • Killing spree loot: repeatedly killing creatures in an area will unlock new loot tables. learn more here
  • Horde contract. learn more here
  • Moving bounties. Bounties are no longer static on the map and slowly roam the world.
  • Hordes during bounties. Bounty targets have a chance to get the help of friendly creatures. learn more here
  • Console command rerhorde(CreatureGHOUL, 100) to start a horde of 100 ghouls. Can be used with any creature type


  • Changed the default power spread of ecosystems to 10
  • Improved kill detection, mostly used by internal code so you won’t notice any difference. But it is important for the ecosystems
  • Added variants to some of the creatures (wyvern, fiends)


  • Attempt at fixing tilted bounty-master
  • Display the tutorial popups only if the player is not busy
  • Properly move creatures away if the player is in a scene, or if he has no sword
  • Contracts now continue to wait while the player is inside any of the registered safe areas (Novigrad, oxenfurt, all settlements, ...)
  • The human static encounters are no longer limited to human deserters
  • The number of groups in seed 0 bounties is no longer fixed to 4 and properly uses the RandomNumberGenerator
  • Removed a copy/paste mistake in one of the tutorials. Properly sets the text colour to yellow.
  • Correctly removes the map markers when a bounty is killed
  • Wild hunt soldiers no longer kill their own hounds. In general, all entities from one encounters won’t attack each-other anymore. This open the door to an old feature i wanted to implement: Diversified spawn compositions.