A mod that turns everyone on the continent into an avid Gwent player. Supports randomly generated matches and custom deck generation rulesets
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  • Talking to any NPC that doesn't offer a dialogue will start a Gwent match after around 2 seconds
  • Talking to any NPC that offers a dialogue will result in an additional option to start a Gwent match with the person

Each NPC in the game gets a randomly generated deck that will stay the same for the rest of the playthrough. The deck generation is done using the currently installed ruleset, and is updated if a ruleset is installed.

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  • Download the latest release
  • Drop the content of the mods folder from the release into your The Witcher 3/mods folder
  • Merge the newly added scripts


  • ✔ Duel anyone on the continent, be it Ciri, Yennefer, Vesemir... Or the troll you helped paint a chicken on a shield
  • ✔ Ruleset for Vanilla Gwent

Plans for future updates

  • ✖ Rogue like mode, start with a small deck and increase it as you beat opponents... Until you lose
  • ✖ Gwent tournaments, enter with your personal deck and fight for the first place... Or lose your money
  • ✖ Ruleset for Gwent Redux
  • ✖ Command to start a randomly generated match


The mod uses rulesets to control the generation of the decks and the cards that compose them. Since our view of Gwent balance may differ or since we may use different Gwent mods that alter the cards, a Gwent Ruleset Compiler was created that allows anyone to edit a .ruleset file and generate a mod that will dictate how the decks should be generated.

Once a ruleset is installed, use the ruleset command to activate it. For example a ruleset modAGwentEmpireRulesetGwentRedux will expose a command agerulesetGwentRedux to activate it.

To go back to the vanilla ruleset you can use the agerulesetVanilla command.

Writing a custom ruleset

If you wish to write, edit, or compile a custom ruleset please refer to the Ruleset documentation file