Enables local fast travel to all unlocked static map pins
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Enables local fast travels to any unlocked static map pin. A local map pin is any marker on the map for the current region, the mod won't work if you attempt travelling to a different world. Keep in mind Velen and Novigrad may sometimes be considered as two different regions.

The fast travelling technique used by the mod may not be perfect due to how the game loads & unloads regions that are too far from the player, for this reason you may sometimes see the player being teleported under the ground while the region loads then teleported to ground level once it is loaded. This is perfectly normal and is the only way to perform local teleportation to places without hardcoded locations like signposts have.


  • Download the zip archive from the latest release
  • Drop the content of the archive in your mods folder
  • Merge the scripts if you already have mods installed
  • Launch the game, confirm you can fast travel to a local (current region) map pin


  • ✔ Fast Travel From Anywhere