Add randomly generated monster contracts, bounties, ambushes and hunts to the game. Dynamically change the vanilla spawns for unique and varied playthroughs. Simulate an ecosystem and a food chain. Add dynamic events to give more weight to your actions
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  • Randomly generated monster contracts, monster hunts, and monster ambushes
  • Custom monster trophies to provide Geralt coins for his hunts
  • Ecosystem simulation with a unique food chain
  • Events that react to your actions, fight noise attracts creatures, blood and corpses attract necrophages
  • New unique spawn points all over the world and for any kind of creature
  • Perfect performances, no FPS drop on an encounter
  • Complete mod menu to change anything you want




If you have questions about the mod, what it offers and how to tweak the settings, the Random Encounters Reworked Bible was made for that


To the mod itself I would gladly accept PRs for Random Encounters Reworked. If you have suggestions or ideas you would like to implement yourself please submit an issue or a PR so we can discuss about it (to ensure it follows the vision i have for the mod) then feel free to submit code.
  • The mod's source code is now written in the cahirc language, a homemade language i made myself to make our lives easier. In general, most vanilla witcherscript you could write will successfuly compile with cahirc as well. Read its documentation for more information.
  • The source code for the mod is in /src
  • Various utility scripts can be found in the scripts folder, for example a simple install script to quickly drop all the source code into the mods folder in your game.
  • Most of the edits in the vanilla code are in the form of shared utilities, which can be found at a different repository: tw3-sharedutils. This helps ensure the vanilla edits RER introduces are kept to a minimum and are well thought.

If you wish to make an add-on for the mod to modify its behaviour at runtime, please refer to the addons documentation