Changes the models and textures of all bombs of the game for more uniqueness for each of them, and adds 5 new bombs.
Ard Carraigh
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As you might know, the vanilla bombs are pretty lame with just one single model and just different colors for each bomb. They shouldn't be as boring anymore. Better used with Wearable Pocket Items.

Started from the idea of eNoodles to make a moon dust bomb more resembling to the one in "A Night To Remember" trailer. And I ended up remaking all bombs.

Models should be optimized, only grapeshot and shrapnel bombs are a bit more demanding in terms of vertices because of their nature. Textures are 4K. I also modified all vanilla icons concerning dimeritium material and made them green for consistency with the corresponding bomb.

Content of the mod:

The new bomb recipes are available at Keira's shop and Blacksmith in Oxenfurt for level 1, at the herborist near Oxenfurt and another one in Novigrad for level 2 and at Gremist's shop and the other druid in the same location than Gremist for level 3.

For the details of what are doing the bombs, along with their ID to console them in:

  • Salt Bomb 1: Prevents specters/wraith from teleporting (don't prevent their ethereal form, this is moondust's job) + some damage on wraith only (honestly I have no idea how the multiplier works in this game, as it is 0.1 in the scipt but removes at least 30% of health)
  • Salt Bomb 2: Same but multiplier of 0.2 so more damage
  • Salt Bomb 3: Same but multiplier of 0.3 so more damage
  • Glue Bomb 1: Prevents flying of flying monsters + immobilizes for 4 seconds (Wraiths/specters are immunized) (Average duration on humans: can vary with different resistances the enemies have)
  • Glue Bomb 2: Same, but immobilizes for 7 seconds
  • Glue Bomb 3: Same, but immobilizes for 10 seconds
  • Fungi Bomb 1: Inflicts poison damage + swarm effect (panic) for 4 seconds (Wraith are immunized)
  • Fungi Bomb 2: Same but more damage, swarm lasts 7 seconds and 50% chance of making one enemy friendly for a few seconds
  • Fungi Bomb 3: Same but even more damage, swarm lasts 10 seconds and 100% to make one enemy friendly + 50% chance to make a second enemy friendly
  • Shrapnel Bomb 1: Inflicts physical and silver damage on impact + bleeding effect for 4 seconds + stagger effect + can destroy nests
  • Shrapnel Bomb 2: Same but more damage and bleeding lasts 7 seconds + prevents flying
  • Shrapnel Bomb 3: Same as level 2, but more damage and bleeding lasts 10 seconds + ignore armor
  • Virus Bomb 1: Vitality drain for 4 seconds + stamina decreased by 40 % and not regenerating for 4 seconds (doesn't affect wraiths)
  • Virus Bomb 2: Same but effects last 7 seconds and the stamina is decreased by 60 % + stops auto essence/vitality regen
  • Virus Bomb 3: Same as level 2 but effects last 10 seconds and stamina is decreased by 80% + prevents enemies to summon allies (like leshen calling wolves for exemple) + prevents scream and shout attacks + enemies drop their shield


Thanks to menschfeind13 for having handled all the scripts for me <3
Thanks to menschfeind13 for guiding me through the fx modding in my first experience with it.
And thanks to all the Wolven Workshop Server for technical assistance, advice and simply existing <3
If you want to follow my work, it's where it's all happening.
Thanks to eNoodles for WPI, the original idea that made this mod exist, and the ingame screenshots.
Thanks to SpontanCombust for making the containers loot table while I was busy with other mods.

Known issues:

  • After some time playing with WPI, you may notice that the glass of your bombs has become opaque. I still have no idea why. You can reset its original visual by aiming to throw your bomb and cancelling the throw.
  • The shield dropping from Virus and the turning into allies of Fungi may not work consistently since it depends if either the scripts or the gameplay effects are applied first.