Ard Carraigh
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This dlc adds 19 hairstyles and 12 beards to your game. This is not a replacer, but a true dlc. Please read the instructions.
Gives Ciri grey hair, like it should be.
Fixes most of the female characters' eyes models.
Replaces the vanilla medallion with my own medallion in the mod "Witcher 1 style HUD Medallion" by erxv.
Finally gives Avallac'h back his Aen Elle Height.
Increases Letho LOD
Get rid of Regis' sideburns while maintaining his eyebrows.
Changes the models and textures of all bombs of the game for more uniqueness for each of them, and adds 5 new bombs.
Replaces the health bar wolf and cat heads with the medallions from my Book-inspired Medallion mod.
Gives Regis long hair.
4k or 2k eyes for everyone + matches with descriptions from the books.
Gives Vimme Vivaldi white hair like it should be.
Please read the description. The DLC version of Ciri - Alternative look by OakenSh. So it does not overwrite vanilla files anymore. Brings some improvements and diversity in the appearances. And a small piece of .redcloth. :)
I guess the title is pretty clear (scarless is just for the big one on his face that does not belong here).
A new armor set made from official cyberpunk prototype assets found in witcher 3 files.
A Community based patch for The Witcher 3 (Next-Gen) which merges several mod edits / additions in `panel_worldmap.redswf`.
Makes young Ciri Eyes the same as the adult version. Whatever the texture you use for her.
Gives Avallac'h blond hair like it should be.
Makes Crach fur hairworks.
Fixes dandelion's scarf clipping bug.
Adds several head items to your game. Hoods, Capes, Hats, Scarves, Masks, all you need for customization! Dyeing and switching between hood up and down included.
The objective of this mod is to seamlessly introduce a new type of shop into the game, the stable, allowing to fully customize Roach.
Make Roach's tail hairworks.
I just tried to create a new lore-friendly medallion based on the books' descriptions along with the wolf head design made by CD Projekt.
Adds 3D eyebrows to Geralt's face. Vanilla, DLC2Improved and Modular Eyes fully supported.
Edited Version of Long Hair with Bandage by Cemkey.
Makes the black KM Cloak from Hoods toggle-able. Compatible with hoods, but does not require it.