Please read the description. The DLC version of Ciri - Alternative look by OakenSh. So it does not overwrite vanilla files anymore. Brings some improvements and diversity in the appearances. And a small piece of .redcloth. :)
Ard Carraigh
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screenshot_ciri_outfit_1 screenshot_ciri_outfit_2 screenshot_ciri_outfit_3 screenshot_ciri_outfit_4

This is the DLC version of Ciri - Alternative look by OakenSh uploaded with his permission (go endorse his mod, his outfit is absolutely amazing). It doesn't overwrite vanilla files anymore. And I also made some improvements and diversity here and there (I guess haha).

The list of the main changes :

  • Made it a DLC that you can enable/disable in the dlc options, the exact same way you do it for the official DLC11 "Alternative Look for Ciri".
  • Made the loincloth a .redcloth so it is not static anymore.
  • Added a winter appearance that was missing in the original mod.
  • Added a Cat medallion that was missing in the original mod. (the medallion you see in the screenshot is the one from my Book Inspired Medallion)
  • Upscaled most of the textures to 4K.
  • Small tweaks here and there.

This dlc requires BASE by teiji25 to fully work (or the classic version depending on the version you use). You can still use it without BASE but the ciri_player winter appearance will remain vanilla.