Fixes most of the female characters' eyes models.
Ard Carraigh
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Fixes most of the female characters' eyes models. Should cover the whole game. Included in Realistic Eyes.

CD Projekt Red had the good idea to duplicate a messed up eye model to about 70-80% of the female characters in the game, including such important character as Ciri. Not that noticeable with vanilla textures but truly awful with high quality textures. I fixed it.

Of course, I also increased the LOD of all those meshes, so just give this mod a higher priority over Bessewisser and High Quality Faces.

I edited these models too, but I was not able to include them as the right eye was going crazy after reimporting the model :

  • he_08_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_011_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_13_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_14_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_15_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_17_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_18_wa__concubine
  • he_18_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_21_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_22_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_27_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_01__alp (for other reason)
  • he_03__bruxa (for other reason)

These models are fixed and also included but I wasn't able to see which npc were using them, so I'm not sure if they belong to the crazy ones or not :

  • he_29_wa__novigrad_citizen
  • he_43_wa__woman_fat
  • he_45_wa__novigrad_citizen

So, if you see any crazy right eye, tell me and send me a screenshot with the location. So I can investigate and see if I have to remove a specific file. Also, tell me if I forgot some models (with a screenshot again, it's easier to investigate then)