Finally gives Avallac'h back his Aen Elle Height.
Ard Carraigh
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Finally gives Avallac'h back his Aen Elle Height. I was tired of seeing him smaller than Geralt as it makes no sense.
Of course Avallac'h's head will now be out of a vast majority of shots.
So, you'll have to choose between an evil and another. Ruining shots in which Avallac'h is in or ruining immersion by not respecting books.
For my next playthrough I will personally choose the lesser evil (that is to say butchering the games instead of the books).

Inspired by these quotes :

"Ciri les observait. Ils étaient de la même taille, c'est-à-dire singulièrement grands."
                Andrzej Sapkowski, La Dame du Lac

"Avallac'h, Eredin et tous les autres elfes qu'elle avait rencontrés jusque-là étaient incroyablement grands ; pour les regarder dans les yeux, elle devait lever la tête bien haut."
                Andrzej Sapkowski, La Dame du Lac