A new armor set made from official cyberpunk prototype assets found in witcher 3 files.
Ard Carraigh
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This armor set is made from assets entirely made by cdpr during the development of Cyberpunk 2077. They are shipped with the GOG GOTY version of the game and located at this path dlc/bob/data/qa/cp_cutscene/model/ Kudos to glassfish777 for discovering them.

Content of the mod:

This mod includes an armor set composed of:

  • 1 torso part
  • 1 leg part
  • 5 boots parts

icon_cp_set_1 icon_cp_set_2 icon_cp_set_3 icon_cp_set_4 icon_cp_set_5 icon_cp_set_6 icon_cp_set_7

Models have all been adapted to fit Geralt better. Textures are the vanilla ones except for one diffuse texture that was missing from my texture cache that I had to remake from scratch.

The jacket supports the dyeing system. Using the dyes from the inventory on the jacket is supported with the script part of the mod. If you want the drag and drop to work as well, please install Accessory Slot Mod.

The jacket also supports tucked variants of hairstyles, both vanilla and custom hairstyles from New Hairstyles and Beards For Geralt (DLC2 Improved).

All armor parts support being placed on armor stands, have their new unique icons, and are NG+ compatible.

You can find the armor parts:

  • During the quest "Echoes of the Past". As I don't own CP2077, I recreated the chest from scratch (models + textures).


  • At the top of Mount Gorgon in Toussaint, next to the photo of the developers

  • By using the console commands

    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Jacket')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Pants')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Animals 1')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Animals 2')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Maelstorm')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Samourais')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Yakuzoku')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Jacket NGP')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Pants NGP')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Animals 1 NGP')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Animals 2 NGP')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Maelstorm NGP')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Samourais NGP')
    • additem('Cyberpunk Prototype Converse Yakuzoku NGP')