Makes the black KM Cloak from Hoods toggle-able. Compatible with hoods, but does not require it.
Ard Carraigh
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screenshot_km_cloak_1 screenshot_km_cloak_2


For the best experience, use Auto Hide Weapons for Cloaks and Accessory Slot Mod by eNoodles

Hoods is required (only mod__hoods, and and properly installed input settings) if you want to use its lowering/raising hood functionality.

Press 8 on keyboard. Hold left stick on controller. Feel free to change the key to whatever you like. It is not an item to buy, it is an item that appears/disappears when you press the required key. If you use Hoods, you press 9 on keyboard or hold right stick on controller to switch between lowered and raised hoods when the cloak is equipped.

Thanks to BusChaser for giving me the permission to use his script. Make sure to check out his mods.


  1. Put mod_KillingMonstersCloak in your Mods folder.
  2. Put dlc_KillingMonstersCloak in your dlc folder.
  3. Copy-paste the content of Mods/mod_KillingMonstersCloak/KMCloak.input.settings at the very bottom of Documents/The Witcher 3/input.settings. By default the key is 8 on keyboard and hold left thumbstick 0.4 seconds. You are free to change them for whatever you want.
  4. Run ScriptMerger to deal with the potential conflicts.
  5. You're done.

To merge with Hoods, choose both B and C as follows. The order doesn't matter.

screen_merge_1 screen_merge_2